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Da Baby’s Child Mother MeMe Doesn’t Have Sympathy For Dani Leigh

Da Baby’s Child Mother MeMe Doesn’t Have Sympathy For Dani Leigh

DaBaby is recognized to lots of as a rapper and performer with a tendency to stir up conflict. Only a few people in the world learn your as a father: his offspring and their mothers, one among these becoming singer DaniLeigh.

In 2017, DaBaby’s got his first youngsters together with ex-girlfriend, a female known as MeMe. Whenever they had been together, the guy in addition assisted to increase the lady son from a previous connection. DaBaby have another son or daughter with an anonymous lady in 2020, according to elaborate. MeMe went on social media and blasted the rapper for infidelity, but he insisted they had been broken up once this child ended up being developed.

In 2020, DaBaby began matchmaking artist DaniLeigh. The 2 outdated on / off the next seasons. In August 2021, she established that she got given beginning their son or daughter. He pointed out his “3 pretty daughters” on Instagram in October, which he had been dedicated to offering for them along with his nieces and nephews. “we ain’t goin’ around like no idiot,” he said. “I’m a OG.”

DaBaby’s child mummy MeMe does not has sympathy for DaniLeigh

In November 2021, DaBaby and DaniLeigh were taking part in an altercation at his home in Charlotte, new york. The discussion happened over Instagram Live and lead to law enforcement being known as.

MeMe published some discreet tone on the Instagram, prompting DaniLeigh to call the woman away. She known as the woman a “Charlotte h**” and insisted she never took DaBaby from their because she was actually never ever their first off.

MeMe responded with a few difficult love for the students singer. “I don’t give a f*** what y’all making reference to,” she stated. “we ain’t laughing within situation, I’m laughing at your, due to the fact, kid, it ain’t fun once the bunny got the firearm. It’s insane the motherf***er was switched, and therefore’s the ethical with the facts. It’s backwards to help you actually have a problem with any female he’s a part of, dealing with, your don’t posses that correct, obtain exactly what I’m saying?”

“You understood everything was actually walking into whenever you strolled engrossed,” she continuing, including that “spiritual warfare is actually genuine.”

“The footwear is found on another toes, and karma’s a b***.”

DaniLeigh had been charged with attack for combating with Da Baby

DaniLeigh’s discussion with DaBaby, meanwhile lead to criminal charges for DaniLeigh. DaBaby also known as authorities to their quarters 2 times. Whenever they showed up the very first time, they didn’t discover research to mention the lady for assault, but did another energy.

a representative through the Charlotte-Mecklenburg authorities section verified in an announcement that two easy assault costs were registered against DaniLeigh, whose real name is Danielle Curiel.

“As a result of the examination, Curiel was offered with an illegal Summons for Simple Assault,” the declaration look over. “Officers furthermore gotten additional info that led these to recharge Curiel with a second number of straightforward Assault from the incident on November 14.”

DaniLeigh ended up leaving of DaBaby’s house with their particular three-month-old girl in tow. “we leftover and myself and my personal kids secured,” she announced on Instagram on Monday. “Thank y’all for all the support.”

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