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Tommy and Leona are receiving gender on a tree stump in the middle of a Norwegian clear-cut

Tommy and Leona are receiving gender on a tree stump in the middle of a Norwegian clear-cut

Leona, with a mop of brown dreads and a lip ring, appears dreamily over the demolished forest as Tommy

Minutes earlier in the day, Leona and Tommy stood at the same place lecturing concerning the evils of commercial forestry. But now they can be moaning in feral euphoria, beating the powerful negativity with the spot — the damaged limbs and dried-out logs — with the juices with the life force by itself.

This is F– (FFF), a porn webpages with a change. And raw, explicit images and video with scenes just like the one explained above, FFF is actually well stocked with factual statements about society’s forests. Online site, nude sylphs communicate room with graphs of woodland control with time and exhaustive databases associated with pros exotic rainfall forests make available to people.

Its an unique way of eco-activism, certainly, but one the duo expectations will help conserve our planet

“people must you will need to generate some thing close making use of what they do have,” Tommy said by telephone through the house the couple part in Berlin. “We had absolutely nothing, only our bodies.” With backgrounds in modern and eco-friendly movie theater and training distressed teens, Leona Johansson, 21, and Tommy Hol Ellingsen, 28, planned to carry out more than just protest the state of the entire world — they desired to change lives. For them, eco-porn could be the clear alternatives. “Porn can make truly, truly serious cash,” Tommy keeps inside the soft Norwegian accent, “consider incorporate those funds once and for all?”

Very easy sufficient, right? But, to date, the two’s greatest challenge happens to be offering the cash aside.

Its a conundrum they failed to predict when they had gotten her start in their own local Norway, where they were able to receive seed capital through the authorities. “We said we had been starting an alternative solution ecological business,” says Tommy.

A lot of content on FFF attributes the gentle Burning Man-esque couples and/or their friends romping in every single imaginable blend. The great outside are a popular setting, however, but scenes may also be emerge apartments, image studios, sex clubs and elsewhere. The gender runs the gamut from couplings including greens used as sex toys to activities by scary-looking shaven-headed German Goths and is also unflinchingly artwork. Like that from a lot of sex sites situations, the plots regarding the video clip segments are vestigial at best, but in composed materials and between the views, Leona and Tommy discuss their unique emotions the forest with visitors to this site.

But even Norway has its limitations. Before 5,000 everyone at a songs festival finally summer, the couple provided a brief mention human influences on organic forests. Dropping his clothing, Tommy asked the competition, “How far are you ready to check-out make an effort to conserve nature?” The guy and Leona, grinning, next established into a raunchy alive demo of precisely how far they will aim for the forest. Front side and center on very top of a speaker, the pair surface into each other while a regional band played much material dirge known as “Go Forth and F–.”

Leona and Tommy, together with the band, comprise billed by government in Kristiansand, Norway, with staging a community intercourse program. When Tommy fallen his trousers within the courtroom, the happy couple was actually fined the same as $1,500 each, but they would not pay. Rather, they relocated to a lot more liberal-minded Berlin, in which FFF is now developed.

The notoriety has been doing miracles for FFF. Norwegian news shops sealed the trial together with the sort of overblown salaciousness typical of mass media in pursuit of low priced score. Yoko Ono — whose 1969 Bed-ins for Peace with John Lennon produced international headlines — reportedly called the entire event the greatest artwork project she have observed in Norway.

This site is now offering over 1,000 paying members, and its forest fund continues to grow. Even better, FFF gets help from all over the world — including detail by detail environmental facts for website to donations of adult clips and other images.

Because environmentally friendly society nevertheless wrings their possession concerning “death of environmentalism” inside the aftermath regarding the re-election of George W. plant, eco-activism appears to have lost the means. FFF’s triumph in totally sidestepping the staid main-stream now try a breath of oxygen.

“many green businesses are too monotonous, as well severe,” states Tommy. “they frightens folk aside. It is possible to incorporate irony and experiment using this unfavorable details about the condition of the whole world nonetheless have the ideas out without having to be as well major or angry. It is vital to have a great time.”

Additionally the work the guy and Leona perform on FFF truly appears to be a lot more enjoyable than slamming on doors collecting signatures or creating still another page to out-of-touch decision producers. “we’ve got enjoyable as soon as we have sexual intercourse, and we have some fun once we make love with others,” Tommy said.

It’s no secret that gender sells do-gooder trigger just as well because sells cars and soft drink. Long-running campaigns by men and women when it comes down to moral treatments for creatures that pair scantily-clad women with heads of lettuce and barnyard pets perennially attract most interest — focus supporters must reduce the chances of accusations of sexism. But FFF’s approach is quite various. The website has actual people, not airbrushed sex objects, as well as the diary Leona plays a role in the site is affecting and sweetly humanizing.

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